London Called

After a social weekend in London, I finally managed to finish a new playlist that will be the basis of my christmas party set. House disco, I call it.

London always gives me a ton of inspiration; Shazaming tunes in taxies, restaurants and clubs.

We had dinner at my favourite restaurant, Zuma in Mayfair, on Saturday. They serve very tasty Asian food and play house longe music.

There are always a lot of interesting relationships forming at the bar area and around the restaurant. "Real love" as my father would call it. And it makes me feel appreciative to be there with good friends.

Usually we go to "The Box" in Soho after dinner and this time we were also on the list at a new club called "Reign", that supposedly has the same vibe. But when Catherine's husband invited us to a private party, we decided on that instead.

It was a neon party! (Btw. A very cool idea for a theme party) and the birthday boy had arranged for the resident DJ at Rasputin Paris to play all night. Well done!

The music was on point, hopefully so is my new playlist!

Enjoy this House Disco list, mixtape is coming.

Xx Mium


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