The DJ school (#DJskolen) in Oslo is a collaboration between #OhMamaCrew, a talented Oslo based DJ, and the #NorwegianRedCross.

Through my work with teenagers I got to know the "BossMama" and she asked if I could come and share The House.

I came to show them how I did things and how it is possible to make something out of a little less.

I don't use Pioner, but rather I stream and mix live.This, I feel, gives greater variety when it comes to changing music in your sets, because it's so easy. The downside is that, for now, you are dependent on a decent internet connection. So no boat parties just yet. Also, a lot of clubs only operate with Pioner, luckily I don't want to play in clubs.

I thought it was important to show the aspiring DJs that there are alternative ways to doing this and whatever you choose to do is good enough. Personally, I love soft house and and I'm a world class song picker.

I urged them to find their edge.

After my small presentation they all got to play around with my controller. And their freestyling was heaps better than mine!

I was so impressed and I will definitely help them get a booking in the future.

xx DJ Mium


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