Adult House

Advice on how to make a playlist for a 40+ party.

When you are over 40, you don't party as much as when you are under 40. They are out of practice. A more pressing problem for a DJ is that the last time they went to a club or more likely disco, the music was a bit different. I don't particularly like adjusting the music much, I play house. So to escape requests for songs from Spice Girls, Abba or the infamous Macarena, I would much rater find a good house mix of the classics to avoid this issue.

Just give them their fix and do it progressively.

In the beginning you can play lounge tunes from Ibiza or go nuts with som african vibes from Damian Lazarus, great music that don't need a singalong to create rhythm in the body.

Norwegians tend to need a few glasses of wine before they ask if you can play more mainstream music. Luckily, you can tell them it's coming up shortly.


Remixed tunes of old hits. I found a nice collection on Spotify called "Remix of classics", Feel Good is my current favourite. Charles J below is also adult friendly.

I think this is what they call a win win situation. And you escape the general problem which is that intoxicated people often prefer bad music, but when they sober up they will remember if it was indeed that.

Good luck! xx


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